The Body

I’ve been hitting the gym hard for a couple of months now and by hard I  mean almost every single day. I signed up for a plan on (an excellent resource by the way) and have been trying my best to stick to it. I’ve learned about supplements. I lift weights. I alternate with cardio. Lately I do cardio almost every single day. Elliptical. Running. Walking on a treadmill with a steep grade so it’s like hiking. I’m actually kind of impressed with myself. I’ve gone from being able to lift a 12 lb barbell to a 105 lb barbell in 10 weeks. The goal has been to get healthier. To knock off some fat that had crept up on me from my time at Duke when I’d suffered so much downtime from endless days of migraine headaches and to try and prevent those same migraine headaches. With a strict high protein, whole foods diet I have been able to significantly reduce the number and duration. The exercise seems to help too. While my overall bodyfat percentage is shrinking, my muscles are gaining definition. My current plan is almost complete and I haven’t reached the goal I set myself so I am looking into a second one. The site offers many plans and you can put in your age, goal, sex etc. to sort them. This has also helped provide an outlet while I am writing my book. I recently held a fund raiser to pay the artist to produce the cover for it. I am happy to report that some friends and even some supporters from Twitter and Facebook pitched in and funded it so it should be ready in time for publication! I am just thrilled as heck about that. I am at a really critical part of the story right now and it is almost holy writing it. I find I can only write this part for short periods of time before becoming a little overwhelmed. I’ve gotta’ work on that!

I’ve been thinking of maybe writing some Kindle Singles on the side in between takes so I can practice e-publishing. I have been wanting to write a few other things so I am noodling around with that idea. We shall see. I am also going to try and resume posting on my blog more frequently so be warned!


So...what do you think?

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