Letter to CEO and President of United on Behalf of Veteran


To: jeff.smisek@united.com

Dear Mr. Smisek,

I was deeply disturbed and offended on behalf of Mr. Stanek when I read his account of his experience recently with your employees at Dulles. (http://bit.ly/QmEouh)
I understand that you cannot control individual responses at your level but some action is needed by your company to ensure that the risk of such an incident is minimized in the future. While it is generally assumed people in the United States understand that service dogs are accepted anywhere and that people who use them might have issues above and beyond mobility challenges, this incident proves that broader training is needed, especially in customer intensive positions involving travel and hospitality. Mr. Stanek even mentions in his article that this is what he is seeking by reporting his experience, a change that will prevent someone else from suffering through it.
With the wars we have endured and the large number of wounded veterans we have in the country now, it is especially important that their needs be honored and met, not just by the government but by citizens, neighbors, friends and yes, companies that make up the communities we share together.
Your attention to this matter and any publicity you can generate to not only point out the problem but highlight your positive response to it and encourage the greater hospitality industry to follow your lead would be sincerely appreciated.
Best regards,
St.Jon Clark

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