Lying Liars and Choosing to Believe Them

I have never been very good at taking hints. In fact what I am best at is ignoring the truth. I choose to believe lies with stunning regularity. I often wonder if the people who find themselves telling those lies think I am naive, gullible, stupid or just deluded? I am none of those things. I know when I am being lied to. I just choose to allow lies to stand when someone needs me to. Does that sound strange? It’s very frustrating to be honest but I usually sense that the lie isn’t for me, it’s for them. They need the lie to preserve some idea of who they are. They aren’t the type of person who… ditches a friend, ignores someone’s else’s pain or needs, fails to live up to a responsibility, lies, can’t keep a commitment. Instead they come up with wilder and less believable excuses, justifications and explanations for their behavior. I suppose so they can maintain the idea that they are who they think they are. I think they are actually lying to themselves, I am incidental. So it’s hard to get angry even when I am an injured party. I mean I accept that they don’t want to cop to rejecting me, avoiding me or whatever. I’ve just decided to let that go because whatever, you never get closure once someone writes you off. If I’ve learned one thing over the years it’s that you can’t convince people to tell you the truth if they don’t want to.  There’s a good chance they don’t know it themselves or they are simply subconsciously avoiding you because they have already dismissed you from their mind and heart.


One thought on “Lying Liars and Choosing to Believe Them

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