From Weakling to Workhorse

My new workout plan is making a difference and freed from days of inactivity I feel so much better. I have recovered quite well from my illness though I am sticking to protein shakes for most meals. My weight continues to drop and even better my body fat % is taking a nose dive again. I bought a pull up bar for my bedroom and it taunts me enough that I am using it every day. It feels so good to be getting fit again. I hate getting sick.

I have done so much research for my book lately that my head is crowded with information. I have a couple of questions that need answering for one of my characters and the source I had hoped to use kind of disappeared on me but I found a site called Ask-A-Marine that has said they will get back to me with some help. While I am waiting for that I just need to reconcile the ratio of reality to fiction I am going to settle on. It’s a tough call in so many ways. I know how much reality to include, it’s how much of the fantastical I need to include to advance the story and function as a platform for the information. It’s all churning away in the background and I just keep feeding it more data from different sources. That’s how it works for me. In a bit an answer will pop out.

I am also going to work locally for the next few weeks outside the home. I know I will enjoy it, I’ll be interviewing people working on a manufacturing line, taking pictures of what they do and creating a step-by-step guide for each role. By the time I complete this job it will be time to wrap the book and find proofing and editing help. It will also be time to figure out a visit with my daughter in her new home in Ohio. I am really looking forward to that.


One thought on “From Weakling to Workhorse

  1. I absolutely appreciate the comment you left. I appreciate you understanding a lot of what I speak about. Also, thank you for the ideas you left me with. I seem to always need someone to vent to. Thank you giving me the option, I will def take you up on it. 🙂


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