Not Voting? The Koch Brothers Thank You

Corporations have every reason to think they own this country when they have managed to convince so many that their vote doesn’t count. Whatever party you vote for, figure out what you believe, choose the people you think will represent those views and go vote for them. You need to register now if you haven’t already. It’s one of the few responsibilities you have for the privilege of living in this country and we all need to take it seriously. If you are disgusted by the way government is failing us, its priorities, where it spends its energies and money, do something about it. Show the angry minority they really are THE MINORITY by making yourself known. The government only represents you if you let them know you are there. It’s made up of the people who speak by exercising their right to vote. Hate intolerance? Want civil behavior, something done about education, climate change, jobs? Be heard…actually VOTE. It’s not bitching in the comments section of websites or flaming people online that makes change. It’s that one simple act and it matters tremendously. Especially House and Senate races. So few people vote in those that it is incredibly easy for corporations to buy and sell them. Take back America? Just show up and it will belong to the people again.
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