The Great White North


One of the wonderful things about starting my own business has been the freedom to “go home again.” To move back to the small town in South Alabama that I grew up in and be close to my family and the beaches, the food, and the cultural events like Mardi Gras that dominated my childhood.

There have been other things that have been less than wonderful. Living in Alabama means living in a state with a government that I profoundly disagree with. My colleagues at Bose used to joke that my Mason Dixon line was at the neck. My heart was in Dixie but my head was firmly in the Northeast. They were right about that.
This election has been especially challenging for me as it no longer seems to make sense to compromise and live modestly in exchange for the freedom to live close to family, if it means living surrounded by people who are so determined to undermine what I feel America means.

It’s been relatively easy in my freelance roles to stay connected to the latest developments in technology. From IoT in Manufacturing, Retail, Transportation, and Building to advances in Big Data analytics and the way that Software Defined Infrastructure is shrinking provisioning time. How I write means that I absorb and deeply understand entire industries or fields of study before I condense it down to an email and landing page. I make complicated information simple, bite sized and then generate a strong call to action. That’s the job. But in order to do that, I really need to understand what I’m talking about, who I’m talking to, and what would be compelling or interesting to them.

I also sometimes pick up transcription work. Because that work is random, I might be transcribing meeting notes of a Fortune 500 business, or an interview with a leader of an organization. Some of these meetings are in the public sector, some in the private.

But I often miss places I have been. I especially miss the fall, the snow, the mountains. I miss New Hampshire. I miss a million things about living in or near a Blue state. Every day that Trump remains president reminds me more and more of how surrounded I am by people who are fundamentally foreign to me if they can support who is in the White House and what he is saying and doing. I miss the peace I knew there. I miss the people. I miss the intellectualism. I even miss the shopping!

I loved having the option of going to a huge cathedral or a small Episcopal church, all within driving distance. I loved being able to drive to the top of Mt. Washington if I got too hot on a summer’s day and instantly be in 50 degree weather.

I am torn between maintaining my own company and staying near family, and just finding a place up North and starting over. There are a bazillion jobs in NH and MA if the writing isn’t enough work to keep me busy. When I’m not busy here I deliver medication to old folks homes, volunteer and do research. But that’s just because there aren’t any jobs in my field in the area. Up there it’s another story.

It’s something to think about.

In lighter news, today I am trying to decide between seeing Dunkirk and Atomic Blonde at the theater. Leaning towards Dunkirk as reviews gush at the visuals. As I am back in a writing for pleasure mood, I will try and post a review.




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