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Getting ready to sow seed

The name of my blog is The Gospel According to St.Jon because my name is St.Jon Clark. It is pronounced SinJin. My name comes from the book Jane Eyre. A character in the book is named St.John Rivers and my mother loved the character and the way the BBC pronounced the name in the radio play. She left the “h” out to try and make it more feminine. It’s actually my middle name but it’s what I’ve been called my whole life. 🙂

Here’s me in a video explaining how it sounds:

Much of this blog features my reflections on films, current events, music, art, poetry, novels, literature and of course theology. Especially relating to the Episcopal Church and my evolving knowledge of my own faith and the wealth of sources that come my way. There will also be personal stuff tossed in. But this blog is definitely rated PG-13. I only add the 13 for thematically mature topics on occasion.


I am a PS4 gamer so I might mention or link to some of my game activity.

I am also currently working as a freelance writer.

I am a complete political and social media junkie so I’m on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, YouTube and more. However this is my go to blog for personal reflection. Thanks for checking it out!


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