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The name of my blog is The Gospel According to St.Jon because my name is St.Jon Clark. It is pronounced SinJin. My name comes from the book Jane Eyre. A character in the book is named St.John Rivers and my mother loved the character and the way the BBC pronounced the name in the radio play. She left the “h” out to try and make it more feminine. It’s actually my middle name but it’s what I’ve been called my whole life. 🙂

Here’s me in a video explaining how it sounds:

Much of this blog features my reflections on films, current events, music, art, poetry, novels, literature and of course theology. Especially relating to the Episcopal Church and my evolving knowledge of my own faith and the wealth of sources that come my way. There will also be personal stuff tossed in. But this blog is definitely rated PG-13. I only add the 13 for thematically mature topics on occasion.

The Backstory

Internet savant who graduated from a private women’s college  (Hollins University in Roanoke, VA) after leaving my career to answer a call to a life in service. I completed my undergraduate degree in Religion and attended Duke Divinity for their Master of Divinity program for a year before realizing it wasn’t for me. I previously worked in senior positions in the internet industry and have been online since before the web existed. I gave up much of what I had come to consider necessary in my previous lifestyle to explore this calling.

I had two internships along the way that have helped to inform my journey. For the Summer of 2008, I served at St.John’s Episcopal in Roanoke, VA. I was able to accompany the clergy on pastoral care visits to nursing homes as well as many other elements of ministry. I also gave my very first sermon. I feel a very special bond to those who are wounded, ill, suffering, who are near death or dying. I feel compassion is a fundamental part of my call and loss and grief work is an affinity.

For the month of January, 2009 I was  in Washington, DC at St.John’s Lafayette Square across from the White House working at a J-term internship. I  unexpectedly landed smack dab in the middle of the Obama security square which was quite thrilling and unnerving. Still, I learned a lot about urban ministry and got a lot of work at the altar as well as specialized ministry to the Hispanic community and Young Adult community. Even a sermon at the noon service on one of my last days.

I have been re-shaped by this process and hope I contributed to my University as well. I was a student chaplain, an SGA senate representative, and the co-chair of the Spiritual and Religious Life Organization. It was incredibly thrilling to walk across the stage and collect my degree as an adult.

It was disappointing to realize that God was not calling me to the Priesthood at that time, but in fact was filling my head and heart with knowledge and experience to combine with my own mystical moments in preparation for another task. Instead I worked as a mentor.. spinning everything I’ve heard from him into a powerful message that I believe will also resonate with the lonely and abandoned youth and listening to the stories that pour forth from wounded soldiers and veterans I know well in my daily online life.

I love poetry and listen to a daily podcast called “The Writer’s Almanac” by Garrison Keillor to hear new stuff. Sometimes I might mention a poem I hear there. Or I might publish one of my own.

I had a near death experience as a child of 9, a drowning, and it has influenced my life in many ways. I care deeply about justice, have no fear of death and love God above all.

I spend a significant portion of my day supporting active duty and veteran military primarily through direct one on one emotional and informational intervention. It means a great deal to me and gives my life meaning.

I am a PS4 gamer so I might mention or link to some of my game activity.

I am also currently working as a freelance writer.

I am a complete political and social media junkie so I’m on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, YouTube and more. However this is my go to blog for personal reflection. Thanks for checking it out!


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