Is Depression Contagious?

I feel depressed. I had to sell my car and now I share one with my mom. It’s all part of the changing of my lifestyle to more closely align with what a priest should be focused on. Not so much making money but contemplating God and helping others.
Maybe I caught depression from Kafka’s journal.
I am having a tremendously hard time finding anything about his depression online. It seems that no one had written anything about this, which seems incomprehensible. I have wasted numerous hours using tool after tool to try and find something. I have come to the conclusion that I will just have to change topics and write on one of the prepared questions. I think I will use the Dorothy Wordsworth journal to point out an aspect of the time that she lived in.

At the same time as I think about school, I am very aware of Politics and the Obama versus Hillary question. I can’t understand how the media keeps treating Hillary like she’s winning even though Barack has won more contests and is ahead in delegates. Big states don’t mean crap. Kerry won all the big states too and it didn’t help him one iota. Bush had all the rest and guess what…that mattered. Same with Obama, he is winning in Bush states and that is a huge story. He’s even getting Republicans to vote for him. Hillary will never do that.

Plus Barack is practically the antithesis of McCain while Hillary is the one person who could energize and mobilize the Republican party.

It just pisses me off. I can’t help from checking it constantly too. I hope Obama can turn it around and get the momentum in his favor again.

Sigh, no wonder I am depressed, it appears I am having doubts. I have got to pull myself together. Two good things have happened lately, I found the world’s best tea at Aveda, even though it is beyond expensive at $16 a jar. I also found a new perfume that is the best smelling I’ve ever worn, it’s called Tihota and it’s $250 for a bottle.
How is that good? Well lets you order samples for $5 so I was able to get one. I plan on getting another. It’s yummy.