I feel excellently tonight. My second class today was interesting and got me thinking about Islam and its parallels to Christianity. My third class featured a lecture by my film professor on The Silence of the Lambs which was, as always, enjoyable. I ended up at fencing club where I met the President and was officially accepted. She “knighted” me, as it were, in jest with one of the brand new sabres. Yes, sabre. In the last week, I moved from foil to epee and finally to sabre. It is based on a calvary sword and the rules are slightly different. On day one of class when we weighed them each in our hands, the sabre clung to mine. I learned a lot today. I look forward to bouts with my actual teacher. Hee Hee.
The girls in the club were so welcoming and warm. When I mentioned that I wanted to participate in one of the traditions at Hollins next semester, a kind of hazing known as ring night, but feared no one would want an adult student as their ring sister they were fantastic. Two will be seniors next semester and Elena (the president) assured me that they would take care of me. Awesome!
They lent me a sabre breastplate and glove to use on Saturday as I still await delivery on mine.
I have a neat project I am working on, it involves painting something. I will take pictures of it in progress and demonstrate the strokes and why they are employed to mimic the journal of Robert Henri.
I have a couple of great photo albums over at Facebook, my amateur photography, landscapes, on campus etc. Not to mention Mr. Tucker the Yorkie. I will probably choose one of them as my model unless it is especially beautiful tomorrow.
Now it is time to grit my teeth and finish banging out another 8 pages of a research paper on Malaria and sub-Saharan Africa.
Nighty night